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Byron Airport (Class G Airspace)

Byron Airport is a non-towered airfield in Class G Airspace, located in the Bay Area, just 65 miles from downtown San Francisco and 55 miles from Silicon Valley. The surrounding communities offer an abundance of affordable housing for employees relative to other municipalities in the Bay Area.


Many companies developing innovative UAS technologies want to test their product in the Bay Area given the proximity to capital (Silicon Valley) and talent. However, these emerging technologies require an environment conducive to innovative and cutting-edge aviation testing and development activities. Until now, there were no viable solutions to this problem, aside from testing on private land.


Byron Airport now offers a designated UAS test area, which was established through a Certificate of Authorization.


Byron Airport was admitted to the Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aerial System Test Range Complex (PPUTRC). The PPUTRC is one of very few official FAA test sites in the United States for UAS.

Aviation Hangars are Available


Five Executive Aviation Hangars:

  • Four (4) 6,000 SF hangars (80’x75’)

  • One (1) 2,700 SF hangar (60’x45’)

Ten (10) 1,750 SF (50’x’35) aircraft hangars

Approximate Allocation of Square Footage for Executive Hangars:

  • 5,000 SF of warehouse space

  •  1,000 SF of first floor office space

  • 1,000 SF of second floor mezzanine storage


Urban Air Mobility is currently developing a series of aviation hangars, totalling 41,700 SF on a 4.14-acre site, adjacent to the designated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Test Site at Byron Airport. 

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